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Image of Snapchat!

I get asked if I have a Snapchat a lot, and so I decided to make one for my 18+ content!

💕Read ALL of this before purchasing💕

❗️This Snapchat will NOT be more explicit than my regular patreon picture sets. It will have underwear pics and nudity, but no sexually graphic images (aka, no masturbation or sex).

It will be posted to more casually and frequently, and also while I’m taking my picture sets, so you’ll get some exclusive behind the scenes stuff!

It’s mostly vids of me dancing nude and in panties lol

This is a one time purchase! Lifetime access, no monthly subscription❗️

1) $20, can view my story (where most of my content will be posted), and receive mass snaps

2) $30, can view my story and receive mass snaps. Will also have reply privileges! You can snap me back, and I’ll chat here and there ^_^ you can also save things in chat that are sent directly to you (but no saving to your camera roll, only within the chat)

🚫 Must be 18+ to purchase (just like all my content)
🚫 no screen shots. Just gotta enjoy it while it’s there
🚫 no spamming me, demanding I reply, or vulgar messages. If I don’t reply, try again another time.
🚫no messaging me if you’re 1st tier. You will be blocked, unless you upgrade
🚫I will not be holding long conversations with anyone, but if you’re 2nd tier and want to send replies to my story or cute snaps and chat a little, that is welcome!
🚫 if you do reply to my story, you can’t save the pictures in the chat from there.
🚫NO SENDING ME NUDES/DICK PICS WITHOUT ASKING FIRST. 2nd tier may be able to if they ask first and I’m in the mood for it. Never 1st tier.
🚫 don’t send me messages telling me you’re horny. I might flirt a little in replies or talk about NSFW stuff, but I’m NOT going to sext!
🚫 2nd level can save things sent directly to you IN the chat, but no saving to your camera roll. It notifies me if you do, and you will be removed.
🚫 break these rules and I will block you without a refund

after you pay, I will send you a friend request on Snapchat, and then you’re set!
It’s a one time purchase, and does not have to be renewed each month.
Please allow up to a couple days for me to add you!

‼️‼️You MUST include your Snapchat username in your customer note, or I will have no way to add you and you will get nothing‼️‼️~~~~~

I think that’s about it!
I reserve the right to update any of these rules at any time, but will notify you of the changes before any action is taken!
Sorry for all the big emojis, I just really want y’all to read this before buying!

Message me on twitter if you’d ratheir pay with a different method. No PayPal tho, sorry 💕