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Miscellaneous sets!


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These are miscellaneous digital picture sets that weren’t on my patreon, or weren’t specifically made for patreon~

They are of a more casual quality than my patreon sets, as most are taken with my front camera on my iPhone. They don’t have as specific themes/outfits, or as complicated backgrounds/settings, and are just generally less “polished”
However, they are still very cute! And I plan on making more casual sets for my store in the future :)

❗️Please allow a few days after purchase for your set to be delivered via email

Set descriptions:
1. Post op, fully nude, pretty lighting, soft skin 👦 25 pics

2. Sometimes a simple outfit is surprisingly appealing! Lewd and nude pics of me in my tighty whities 🕊 36 pics

3. Fully nude, cozy morning set with my cat friend, sunny ☀️ 14 pics

4. Pool pics in my shimapan bikini, with that Snapchat heart filter. Nude and unshaved 💕 27 pics

5. Okay this one is kind of a joke lol it’s a Naruto sexy jutsu set, where I start as boy naruto, and “transform” into his nude sexy girl version 🍥 23 pics

6. Fully nude + thigh highs. Red hair, good lighting, and shaved. More explicit than the sunny nude pics❤️ 15 pics

7. I’ve been asked quite a few times for a booty pic collection, so this is some of my fav non-nude booty focused pics from 2018! Including things from my official sets, and random casual ones 🍑 40 pics

8. Pictures from a camping trip! Mostly pictures of me in just a flannel and boots, cozied up in a camper, and being nude in the woods. A lot of nudity, and some mini strip vids 🌲 28 pics and 4 short vids

9. Candy cane set which was a bonus Christmas set on my patreon. Tasty red and white pics with partial nudity and a llama sweater 🧶 22 pics and 1 short vid

10. Partially nude set of me looking bad ass with a semi-shaved head in bondage gear ⛓ 21 pics

11. Want a twink with beebs and a dragon dick? Why the fuck not! 🐉 29 pics and 1 short vid

12. Casual thong and NASA T-shirt set. Was just trying to have fun taking it, and it turned out quite suggestive 🚀 18 pics

13. White mesh body suit! Not sure if I can call this a nude set since I’m wearing that in all the pics, but it is see through, so not much is hidden ☁️ 20 pics

14. Cuddly pics with my stuffed cow! Full nude pics, collar, and cow ears 🐮 17 pics

15. Pokemon starter set! This is the full set with all of the Pokmeon starter options 🔥💦🌿⚡️ 43 pics