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Quick answers to common questions and concerns!

♥ In store related ♥

How do I get my photos after I buy them?

After the payment is processed, I will email you a dropbox link to the set you purchased! Please allow a few days for delivery, as I send out all my sets by myself :)

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently I only accept credit card payments in my shop, but if that doesn't work for you, you can DM me on twitter or patreon to buy a set using Venmo, Cash app, or an amazon gift card!

Why does it ask for my address when I checkout?

The sets are sent digitally via email, and unless you are buying a calendar or print or something physical, nothing will be mailed to you. However, giving your address is a default part of the website platform I use, and the zip code is used as a backup to help verify your credit card. YOU ARE WELCOME TO PUT A FAKE ADDRESS, and I will contact you if the payment doesn't go through (tho it usually does, even with an incorrect address.) I also do not see any of your credit card info when you purchase!

How explicit are your pictures? 

Some of my pictures do contain nudity, but no sexually graphic images. My content is similar to the photos you might see in a playboy magazine.

Do you sell videos?

No, but sometimes my sets will have gifs or short videos in them.

♥ Patreon Related ♥

Is there a price difference using Patreon vs your shop?

Patreons get the best prices on current sets, however sets from previous months can only be purchased individually! Some patreon levels also include discounts on previous sets

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Please let me know if there is anything else you think I should add here, or any questions you have!